Covid-19 Let’s Flatten The Curve Before We Take Leave Of Our Senses


Our lives as we knew it has completely changed.  Isolation, fear and social distancing have become the new norm.

We worry about our family and friends, wear face masks and gloves when grocery shopping and wash all of our grocery items when we get home.  Constant hand washing has left our hands chapped and dry.  We all must do our part to stay safe and keep this horrible virus from spreading.

We are all confined to the small spaces of our home.  These are not normal times.  We can’t go out, we can’t have friends in. We are told how to do Social Distancing outside.  We get that.  But, how do we deal with the proximity of everyone inside 24/7?

Life goes on and we must make the best of it.  This Virus will make us realize just how much of life we took for granted.  We will all have a different respect for even the simplest things in life.

  • chatting with our neighbors
  • watching the kids play on the streets
  • kids’ sleepovers
  • running into the supermarket for one item
  • going to the movies
  • family BBQ

We have to bring some balance back to our everyday lives. Otherwise, Covid-19 will also rob us of our sanity. Let’s talk about that.

1.  Everyone Needs Purpose


Without some purpose in our lives, we have nothing to get us up in the mornings.  Purpose offers us a sense of direction and creates meaning.  We must all do our part to keep some sort of routine and structure to our lives.  Everything matters.

  • making the family healthy meals
  • keeping your home organized
  • following an exercise regime
  • Spending time with your kids
  • planning family entertainment

Purpose means something different to everyone.  We all have our very own unique blueprint.  We need to recognize what makes us feel fulfilled and useful. With our lives turned upside down, our purpose becomes our survival.  What can you do to ease your family’s transition into these unknown times?

2.  Laughter is the Best Medicine


I am sure that you have heard the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine”.  It is true.  The person that can find humor in a situation has an antidote to relieve stress.  It is akin to venting, you always feel so much better after.

Some many humorous stories or thoughts can evoke laughter.  Kids do this without effort in playing pranks and telling jokes to get a giggle out of their elders.  I have a grandson who is proficient in this area.  He is the comic of the family.

Laughter can take you away from the graveness of the situations. It does not go away but we move away from it, for a short time.

  • Line up your favorite comedy movies for movie night
  • listen to a comedians podcast
  • Play charades with the whole family
  • Share funny videos with your Facebook friends

Do whatever it takes to get you and your family laughing again, trust me it will help. Laughter makes you feel good. Nothing works better to bring your body and mind back into balance than a good laugh.  It lightens your burden and inspires hope.

3.  Food For Thought


We need our immune system to be strong, so that means eating healthy.  With restaurants closed and limited Fast Food restaurants still serving, we will have to be making most of our meals.

What a great time to try those new recipes and hone this wonderful craft called cooking.   Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. Engage your children from the youngest to the eldest in giving a helping hand.  Even little ones can set the table.  A few family favorites:

  • Homemade Mac and Cheese
  • Sheppard’s pie
  • Seven Layer Dinner
  • Tuna Pasta
  • Pot Roast

Check out the food section of EatLiveDesign for the recipes.

Everything we cook ourselves is better for us then fast food.  We control what we eat and how we fuel our bodies.  You will see the benefits in a very short time. Cooking is a great way to connect with your spouse or your children


4.  Exercise Will Energize Us


What a great time to get the whole family involved in an exercise routine. Exercise is good for our health.  It improves our heart health, mood, and stamina. Let’s explore some ways we can do this and stay safe:

  • Family bike rides (keeping social distancing in mind)
  • Long walks (keep social distancing in mind)
  • Weight lifting competitions
  • Family Yoga or Pilates Hour (get the mats out and put on your favorite videos)
  • Dance competition (get the music started)
  • Skipping contest


5.  Celebrate Special Occasions


Special occasions in life are the most difficult to celebrate without our extended families.  We must not let this horrid virus rob us of these special times.  Birthday and Anniversaries don’t stop because of this virus.  Mother’s Day will be coming up soon.  The calendar still rolls over, we must stop and celebrate every occasion.  Now more than ever.  Let’s celebrate with the people that live inside our house.  Let’s Facetime our family on their Special Occasion. Even if we live alone, let’s celebrate us.  We can do all sorts of things to make each occasion special.

    • Bake that special cake
    • Wear your finest clothes
    • Play your favorite music
    • Organize a special dinner
    • Make a birthday card
    • Decorate/ get creative
    • Facetime your family to share your even


6.  Learn something new


We broaden our horizons with every new thing we learn.  We also feel pretty great about ourselves.  What a wonderful way to spend some of the extra time we have been given.  Mom, Dad, kids are all at home. Let’s get started.

  • Learn to play chess
  • Learn a new language
  • Learn how to play a musical instrument
  • Learn new card games
  • Learn how to make bread
  • Learn how to knit
  • Learn how to make Face Mask

Don’t know how?   Don’t let that stop you.  Just go to YouTube.  They have a video on everything.


We can do this.  We are strong & resilient

If we all pitch in and do our part, we can get through this.  This is unchartered territory for everyone.  Busy days filled with structure will be our survival technique.  We will become stronger human beings with valuable lessons learned.


Stay Safe everyone and continue to do your part in flattening the curve and keeping you and your family safe and sane.


I would love to hear from you.  Please share your comments and your suggestions below. Let me know what you are doing to keep you and your family healthy and sane in these trying times.


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