Nature’s Color Palette: Your Nature-Inspired Guide To Color

Looking At Color From A Different Perspective


Summer is right around the corner and you feel a need to change up your decor.  But where do you start?  What color scheme do you use? I know what you are thinking.

There are so many choices out there that it seems overwhelming.  How will you ever get it right?

You struggle with what colors complement each other.  What should your rooms signature color be?  What accent shades to use.

So what’s the solution?

 I am living in the Caribbean at the moment.  The vibrant rich colors of the Flora and Fauna here are Stunning  So beautiful that it dazzles your eyes.


And then it hit me.

If you take a close look at Mother Nature she can take a lot of the guesswork out of choosing a color that works for you.

Let your emotions be your guide.  What color makes you feel happy, calm, alert, energized?  A walk through Nature can transpose those feelings into color for your home decor.

A quick change-up in accessories, paint or furniture will brighten your home and spirits.

Let me walk you through this.


I want to start with the Cactus because it is amazing in both size and flowers.

The size of cactus depends on the species. Largest species of cactus can reach 66 feet in height and weigh up to 4800 pounds (when it is loaded with water)

The size and shape of the flower depend on the species of the cacti and type of pollination. They can be white, red, orange, pink or blue in color.

Butterflies, bees, moths, bats, and hummingbirds are the main pollinators of cacti. This Caribbean cactus outside the kitchen window stands up to 10 feet tall and blooms in May.  A cactus this size can have as many as a dozen flowers on it.




The Cactus has a  Very Simple Tranquil Color Scheme, Perfect For A Bohemian Theme Bedroom

Hanging macrame chair in boho bedroom #homedecor

The soft creamy white center color works well for the walls and bedding.  The chartreuse green would be a great accent color. Think throw pillows, plants, and rugs.   The natural colors of the walls and bedding are the perfect backdrop for the varying shades of green.  Don’t forget different texture in your throw pillows here.  These earthy greens also pair with natural wood and wicker furniture.  Add real cacti for their unusual shape and bright desert flowers.

Let your imagination run wild.


The Ixora leaves are a medium-to-dark green and particularly leathery and glossy. The flower appears in clusters at the end of branches. Each cluster may contain up to 60 individual flowers.

It comes in a variety of brilliant colors like scarlet, orange, yellow and red. The red shown here is my favorite shade.

Image result for white kitchen with red izora color in accents
minimalist kitchen designs

The red Ixora is very vibrant.   This is a beautiful muted shade of red.

I  would use this shade to give a pop of color to a white kitchen.

As shown here it is striking picked up in the bench fabric and painted chairs.

A stunning burst of color.



Nothing evokes that tropical feeling quite like the Frangipani.  They have a sweet scent.  Float their fallen blooms in a bowl of water. An easy way for you to feel that you’re relaxing in a fabulous tropical spa. 


The beautiful yellow and white of these flowers can provide a fresh look to a bathroom.  Decorating with yellow gives any room an infusion of sunny decor. This buttery soft yellow would look great on walls. White as the accent in the shower curtain, towels and bathrobe create a very spa-like theme.  Keep it Clean and Fresh.  Don’t forget the floating Petals. This scene speaks tranquility.


If exposed to large amounts of sun, the croten turns various colors of reds, oranges, maroons, browns, and yellows. Such an amazing splash of color.  I can see using various shades of this color in a family room, office, or den.

This palette is designed to bring travel home. Accent the room with antiques and flea market finds that exude a global vibe./

From furniture to walls, you have so many colors to choose from.   Lots of shades to accent with.  You can see how all the colors complement each other.  The printed curtains pick up all the colors in the room.  Set against the painted wall they make a bold statement.

The colors in the curtains repeat themselves in the throw pillows on the couch.   The plain and printed pillows add visual interest against the plain white couch

The tapestry accent stools add a little old-world charm.

Natures paintbrush working at its finest.


Two of my favorite Caribbean flowers when putting together a tropical flower arrangement.  The pink ginger lilies and the bird of paradise.

PINK GINGER LILIES at Plantation Beach Villas/Tobago

The shade of pink in the ginger lily, shouts summer.  Think patio dishes, drink umbrellas, Gerber Daisies, candles, napkins and more.  Let your imagination be your guide.




Pink Grapefruit - pretty and so good for you

centerpieces for shower


For your next garden party get your pinks out.  It will put everyone in a celebratory mood.  Your guest will also feel very special for the time and effort you put in, for them.




BIRDS OF PARADISE at Plantation Beach Villas/Tobago

The pink shades in the Bird of Paradise are the perfect accent for a bedroom.

Beautiful Warm Thick Vegan Handmade Knitted Blanket

Pink is tricky to work with.  Too much and it can look tacky or childlike.  Use it as accent pieces in the right context and it is Tres Chic. The correct shade is the key here.  The trick is to answer this question: What exactly do you want your infusion of pink to say? Is it a bold statement you are looking for or only room accents as shown in the example above.


Let Mother Nature Guide You

Mother Natures color is everywhere.  Keep an open mind.  Once you start seeing this, the possibilities are endless. You think color schemes everywhere you go.  It can drive your family crazy.  They will want to blindfold you. I am not kidding.

What emotions did Natures Palette evoke in you?  Did you feel energized, tranquil, happy, alert?  Let your emotions guide you. Translate your feelings into a color palette for your home.  Your home will now make you feel like a hike in Mother Nature.

What kind of gal are you? A dozen red roses or a mixed bouquet?



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